Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Create New Quilt Shop Customers

Create New Quilt Shop Customers by engaging beginning quilters in this wonderful pursuit of quilting.

Precious Gems [40" x 60"] is one of my very first patterns. I've used it to teach beginner quilters everywhere - schools, quilt shops and community ed programs. What I like about it is that the novice gets to rotary cut, strip piece, chain, nest, stitch in the ditch and free motion quilt too. These speedy techniques of modern quilting will make a convert out of the most reticent of quilters.

No matter what wonderful -- or terrible -- color and print combinations that students bring to this quilt class, their quilt seems to turn out beautiful. See the full syllabus and supply list provided on the website for teaching your own beginning quilt class.

I have some fun additional colorways shown above and at left. To make a twin size, plan for 12 blocks across and 12 blocks down. For a queen size, 16 blocks across and 12 blocks down.

Precious Gems is available from Checker Distributing, United Notions & Quilter's Warehouse.